Just One Thing: Hat Head

“It’s just one thing that got me trippin'” – Amerie, “Just One Thing”

I’ve been known to say that each day is like a game of dress-up and it is my most favorite game. And it’s true. Every morning when I wake I decide which version of myself I want to be. Not on some split personality type stuff. But just on some “am I serious, smart, fun-loving, chic, etc.” type stuff.


I have found that one of the easiest ways to transform myself is by wearing hats. If you ever see my closets (yes, plural) you will find them filled with a multitude of hats – knit berets, fascinators, fedoras, Panamas, baseball caps, sun hats, etc. You get the picture (I’m feeling a little Bubba from Forrest Gump-ish).


I’ve been told that I have the face an head for hats – which may or may not be true – however, I believe most, if not all, of us can rock a hat. It is a matter of finding the right shape for your face. Round face? Try a sun hat or something else with a wide brim. More narrow? Grab a fascinator or cute fedora. Heart shaped? Well, you’re like me and can rock it all.


If you haven’t taken a minute to add a hat or two, or five, to your wardrobe now is the time to do so! And, between us, check the men’s section. They always have better hats at a more reasonable price.

What are you waiting for? Give hats a shot!

Your Chic is Showing,

4 thoughts on “Just One Thing: Hat Head

  1. You do look good in hats. I always feel like hats draw a lot of attention and I have shyed away. But you are makingme reconsider.

    1. You are bound to get some attention (but it is typically the good kind!) if you wear a hat. But I love hats because they’re practical (what bad hair day?) and make accessorizing super easy (no need for much else).

      I love throwing on a casual tank, my straw fedora and a pair of shorts and heading out for the day. It is seriously way. too. easy.

      As you try more on you’ll figure out what works for your face and what doesn’t. Let me know how your quest for a hat goes!!

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