What to Wear: to Look Smaller

I know that we all have moments where we feel “fat,” moments where we wish we could drop a couple pounds, and moments where we generally don’t feel like we look good.  And, as a plus sized diva, I know that there are tons of tips about how you can fake it to look slimmer: like avoid horizontal stripes (not true, the thinner the horizontal stripe, the thinner you’ll look), wear all black (completely deceptive, black can make you look huge if it’s bulky, unflattering and shapeless), or don’t wear prints (complete BS! Much like horizontal stripes, it’s all about a properly sized print).

It always annoys me when I see the advice doled out, especially for curvy girls, about how to dress yourself thin because a lot of it is stupid, wrong or encouraging you to hide under your clothes.  Well, I’m not here to do that at all.  I’m here to give you three tips that are actually helpful in dressing to look smaller and accentuate your gorgeous curves.

1. Rock a BodyCon Dress and use Color to Your Advantage

Avenue, one of my fave shops (because of it’s reasonable prices and cute, on-trend clothing), has a ton of dress that hug your curves and use color to draw the eye vertically instead of horizontally.  By using the two black panels on the side to draw attention up and down, anyone wearing the dress below will instantly look 10 pounds lighter.

Mixed Color Block Sheath Dress from Avenue
Photo: http://www.dailyvenusdiva.com

The second dress uses color to trace your curves.  So, instead of highlighting a potentially pudgy middle, it draws the attention up to the face and neck and to womanly hips all without making the hips look larger.

Swirl Color Block Sheath Dress by Avenue
Photo: http://www.avenue.com

2. Wear Clothes that Actually Fit

It is likely that the girls reading my blog already know this, being the fashion divas that you are.  But, it bears repeating.  Wear clothes that fit.  I know that is feels natural to think that wearing something bigger will make you look smaller.  But that just isn’t the case.  It makes you look bigger, much bigger.  And, wearing something too tight will make you look like a stuffed sausage.  So, take the time to find clothes that fit you properly, especially in your butt, thighs and bust.  And, if you love something that is too then by all means go ahead and have it taken in by a tailor!

3. Use Little Tricks to Elongate your Neck, Arms and Legs

There are a few simple tricks you can use to elongate certain parts of your body which will trick us all into thinking you are taller and leaner.

To elongate your neck, wear a v-neck.  And yes, this trick works on men too!

Photo: http://laymansfashion.com/260/basic-sweater-styles/

To make your arms look longer, rock a skin-tone/flesh-tone nail polish.

Photo: http://www.becomegorgeous.com/body-and-skin/hands_and_nails/nail_polish_color_and_skin_tone-1038.html

In the same way that wearing a nude shoe makes your leg look longer, a nude or flesh-toned nail polish makes your hands and arms look longer, thus slimmer.  The reason, the similar color continues to draw the eye along the same line, so it looks like you keep going.  Which brings us to the final point . . .

To make your legs look longer keep your tights and shoes the same color. I know that as the weather gets cooler we’ll be pulling out our tights to keep us warm.  This strategy employs the same idea as above.  Keeping your tights and shoes the same color continues the line of your legs.  So, rocking a black tight?  Wear black shoes.  Grey tights? Grey shoes.  Nude? Nude.  You get the idea.

Do you guys employ any of these tips?  What are the tricks that you use to dress to look lighter?

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6 thoughts on “What to Wear: to Look Smaller

    1. OMG! Thank you so much for the kind words! That is very sweet of you! I’m knee deep in your site now and loving it! Best of luck to you!

      And yes – aren’t those dresses FAB!!!!! I ordered a couple myself!

  1. I did not know that about horizontal stripes. I recently git a blouse with horizontal stripes. At first I second guessed it but then I got it cause I really liked it. I do actually feel smaller in it. The stripes are not wide. Would love to see examples of slimming stripes and patterns vs. Unflattering stripes and patterns.

    1. That’s great!! Some of my fave pieces have horizontal stripes. They can look amazing on women of any size!!!

      And that is a great idea about good/bad stripes and patterns. I’ll definitely add that to the calendar. Thank you for the suggestion!

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