Seasonal Trend: Men Can Rock Colored Pants Too

By Donte, Men’s Style VIP

One of the trends I’ve noticed in recent weeks has been colored pants. Admittedly, I have also developed a love for them and have incorporated them into my wardrobe. This is a noticeable change from the days when men simply stuck to denim with an occasional and adventurous venture to khaki. Even with the movement toward colored pants, a lot of the more daring and trendsetting gentlemen tended to only wear them in the summer months when the style rules seem more relaxed.

This post celebrates the new trend toward colored pants and provides some tips for wearing them in the fall and winter months. They can really help to get you noticed and take your style to the next level. It’s all about the hue and the color story you desire to tell.

The easiest way to pull them off is with color blocking. Try to keep the shirt and upper body in a more solid/neutral color, black, or white so that you really highlight and draw attention to the lower body. If you are willing to try it, this is a great time to use contrasting colors. Be wary of using monochromatic color schemes here only because you don’t want to overdo it with some of the colors suggested. You may be pegged a little obnoxious wearing all red everything, but hey, it’s fashion…maybe you can pull it off!

Here are some of the noticeable color trends for fall and winter 2013, what they say about you, and some hues that work well in that color family. Enjoy and let me know what you think!


  • A bold standout color
  • Exudes confidence
  • Draws lots of attention
  • Hues: Blood Orange, Fire Engine, Cherry, Rust, or Maroon


  • Similar to red, but a toned down version
  • Draws a similar amount of attention
  • Try to stay away from the neon tones
  • Hues: Tangerine or Burnt Orange


  • Color option for the less audacious
  • Alternative to denim
  • Hues: Cobalt, Cerulean, Ice or Frosted shades


  • Merging of red and blue
  • Majority of the designers have gravitated to the darker end of the scale
  • Hues: Lavender, Eggplant, Wine


  • Not as gaudy as red
  • Not as plain as blue
  • A neutral and versatile option
  • Complements blue and yellow
  • Contrasts with purple
  • Seen as a way to complete a color blocking scheme with most colors
  • Hues: Forest, Turquoise


  • Toned down by designers over the past year
  • The toned down vibe makes for better versatility
  • Darker hues play off of blue (contrasting color)
  • Brighter options play off the contrast to black
  • Hues: Mustard, Butterscotch, Goldenrod




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