Philly Fashion Week Recap

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

Hey guys! As I mentioned last week, YCS is covering a TON of fashion events and giving you all of the scoop. On Friday and Saturday September 20 and 21, YCS Alexis and I attended Philly Fashion Week’s Ready-to-Wear and Couture Runway Shows. Nearly 30 designers were on hand to present their latest collections for all to see!

While there were plenty of memorable moments and pieces, here are my favorites from the weekend.

Faithful by Michael Thomas
Once again, Michael Thomas did not disappoint. Originally scheduled to close out Friday’s shows, Michael ended up opening the show with a bang! The cobalt blues, yellows and silvers that weaved throughout this cohesive collection were a beautiful, bold statement made by the designer. Per usual, Michael’s tailoring was impeccable and it was clear from this collection that he has the construction skills and understanding of woman’s body to back up all the hype. Michael’s spring/summer 2014 collection was ultra-feminine, which was a sharp contrast to his fall/winter 2013 collection. The luxe and sophisticated fabrics moved beautifully down the runway. Once again, we were presented with a stellar collection from Michael Thomas.

The Menswear Designers
Aside from Michael Thomas, other standouts of the weekend were the menswear designers, particularly Friday night’s bunch. The collections Chevalier Homme, Extraordinary Gentleman, and Modish presented were among my favorites of the weekend. Some thoughts I used to describe the collections in my notes were, “impeccably tailored men’s pieces; cross between hipster and nerd but much, much cooler; cohesive and confident,” (Chevalier Homme); “crisp, clean, easy; mixed materials but still no fuss; effortless; a cool mix of male and female silhouettes,” (Extraordinary Gentleman); “worked the leather beautifully; from the runway to Yeeze’s closet to mine; beautifully constructed; thoughtful, well planned and executed collection,” (Modish).

Check out our YCS TV video featuring Michael Thomas’ full runway presentation.

Couture Designers
One of my disappointments was that many of the designers in the couture shows actually presented ready-to-wear collections and would have been better suited for Friday’s runway. However, two Saturday standouts were Closet by Christobal and Cory Couture. Closet by Christobal presented beautifully designed (and wearable) pieces accented with over-the-top headpieces and accessories. If you’ve hung around YCS enough, you know I LOVE a fantastic headpiece! They even threw hats into the audience during the finale walk – and you know I was able to snag one! Cory Couture presented one of the only true couture runway shows of the evening. The pieces displayed the over-the-top whimsy and designs one hopes to see at a couture show. While some seemed slightly over-worked, the quality, craftsmanship, and overall beauty were undeniable.

Here are some photos from Saturday and video from the weekend’s events.





























To get details on FBH Philly Fashion Week and all the presenting designers, visit the Philly Fashion Week Website.

Which looks are your favorites? Anything you’re dying to get your hands on? I’m currently hunting down the leather sweater/sweatshirt from Modish – how cool would that look with a ultra-feminine skirt?? You know we want to hear from you in the comments!

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Photo Credits: All photos were taken by Erika for Your Chic is Showing, LLC.

Runway Round-up: Who Got Next (Part 1)?

Throughout February and March I spent some time attending local fashion shows and presentations including, Atlantic City Fashion Week, Philly Fashion Week, Faithful by Michael Thomas and the Urban FLRT Trunk Show.  I had the opportunity to see and meet a number of talented designers.  In our Runway Round-up series, I’ll share with you my favorite up-and-coming designers in two parts.   The third part of the series will focus on the trends for spring/summer/fall that were showcased on the runways.

Who Got Next?

Michael Thomas (Faithful by Michael Thomas)

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From the minute you lay eyes on the Fall 2013 Collection of Faithful by Michael Thomas you will notice the time, effort and care that went into preparing this collection.  Beyond the immaculate tailoring and impeccable design, you will also be struck the designer’s youthful look and demeanor (both of which belie his seven years in the industry) and, more so, how mature the work is.  Upon my arrival at Showroom 77 for the Fall 2013 Collection presentation of Faithful, I was treated to a personalized tour and description of the garments by the designer himself (a completely swoon-worthy moment for any style blogger).  Michael explained to me that the collection was inspired by male/female androgyny.  He played with the shapes and lines of both the male and female form and then expertly mixed and matched them on the models (of note: the black suit pictured is actually a men’s suit which he fit to a female model).  The collection also features beautiful draping, luxurious wools and a rich colors.  In my opinion, the standout look from the collection is the winter white pants-suit with gold buttons and detailing.  You could see every woman in the venue salivating over this look – myself included!  The Faithful by Michael Thomas Fall 2013 Collection brings sophistication and class back to fashion, both of which are welcome after the Technicolor 80’s revival that has taken over the last few years.  Of all the runway shows and fashion presentations, I can, without a doubt, say that this was my favorite.  I know that this will NOT be the last we hear of Michael Thomas.  Check out a few pics from the presentation below:

The white suit that enamored us all!

The white suit that enamored us all!

The designer, Michael Thomas, with his models wearing the Faithful by Michael Thomas Fall 2013 Collection.

The designer, Michael Thomas, with his models wearing the Faithful by Michael Thomas Fall 2013 Collection.

Me and Michael Thomas of Faithful by Michael Thomas.

Me and Michael Thomas of Faithful by Michael Thomas.

Two looks - including a men's suit on the left - from the Faithful by Michael Thomas Fall 2013 Collection.

Two looks – including a men’s suit on the left – from the Faithful by Michael Thomas Fall 2013 Collection.

Duke and Winston

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Granted, Duke and Winston is not new to the scene.  However, given that a majority of Duke and Winston’s clothing is menswear, you can’t exactly fault me for not having it on my radar.  That all changed when I caught their runway show at Atlantic City Fashion Week.  The Duke and Winston collection housed everything I love – preppy style, clean lines, and unique graphic tees.  Even though these were male models on the stage, I saw about four tees I wanted to take home with me immediately.  I found myself completely obsessed with the collection and perusing the website almost as soon as I got home (yes, it was nearly 2am!).  In addition to classic polo shirts and a sleek tie collection, gentlemen will definitely want to check out the diverse graphic tee collection.  My favorites are those featuring the face of Duke and Winston’s mascot, the bulldog; I particularly like the “Long Live Duke” and “Gentleman Duke II” t-shirts.  Ladies should definitely check out the cute beach tanks and Fox & Tail collaboration pieces.    Duke and Winston is not just a t-shirt line, it is a lifestyle – as evidenced by the ties, kids tees, and accessories for both people (think candles, key chains, koozies and caps) and pets (including collars, leashes and even hoodies!).  Duke and Winston definitely presented my favorite men’s collection from both Atlantic City Fashion Week and Philly Fashion Week.  You can bet that an online order (or three!) has already been placed and a trip to the Philadelphia flagship store is not far behind!  Check out video from the finale walk on the Duke and Winston runway:

Be sure to check back later this week as I continue my Runway Round-up.  What do you think of the looks from Michael Thomas and Duke and Winston?  Weigh in below!

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