A Chic Peek

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

Hey guys and dolls! I know we’ve been quiet on the YCS front this week. My apologies. I’ve learned that there is a balance in life and sometimes taking a night to yourself or spending time talking to your besties trumps blogging. I did both of those things this week – and I’m feeling better for it! But now, we’re back to our regularly scheduled program with “A Chic Peek!”

Basically, “A Chic Peek” is a quick peek at all of the things, old and new, I’m currently obsessed with – clothes, music, TV shoes, designers, gadgets – anything really. It’s pretty much a truncated version of “Just One Thing” times 10 “things.” The list will be updated “sort of, kind of” regularly – basically whenever I feel like it. And, of course, I want you guys to add those things you’re currently obsessing over in the comments section below. We want to be up on all of the latest and/or greatest EVERYTHING! Like I’ve said so many times before, “chic isn’t an adjective; it’s a way of life.”

Happy Friday Ya’ll!

Your Chic is Showing,

With Love, Erika

 A Chic Peek

Looks like the DWTS enjoys "The Cosby Show" as much as I do!  Photo: EW Popwatch Blog (www.ew.com/ew)
Looks like the DWTS enjoys “The Cosby Show” as much as I do! Photo: EW Popwatch Blog (www.ew.com/ew)

1. DWTS Hidden Gem of the Week – I’m pretty obsessed with DWTS anyway, but the Hidden Gem of the Week post on the EW PopWatch blog MAKES my Tuesday each week. Readers catch all of the crazy, zany and hilarious moments on the show and provide their own captions and commentary. It’s funny stuff. Especially if you DWTS (and Gordon Gartrell) like I do.

Photo: The Tailored Gentleman (www.thetailoredgentleman.wordpress.com)

2. The Tailored Gentleman – I’m pretty much obsessed with this men’s guide to style. The layout is sleek and clean just like the men and fashions featured on this site. On The Tailored Gentleman, you learn everything from how to sew in a button to how to dress your body type. This site needs to be in every man (and woman’s) favorite bar.

Photo: Scarecrow Boutique (www.scarecrowboutique.com)

3. Faux Leather Be Skater Skirt – I’ve been on mission for a cute leather (real or faux) skirt of a while. I had a very specific vision in my head but didn’t want to pay a ton of money for one – look, I have no idea how long one of these will be cool. How glad was I to find this gem at Fit to Figure for $20?! I’m currently planning about five different outfits around it. And, I plan to do a post about how to wear one!

don't walk
Photo: Instagram – @factsofhealth

4. Dancing it Out Grey’s Anatomy Style – Look, I was dancing it out long before Grey’s Anatomy made it a thing. Ask my Dad. We’ve got home vids for days. In fact, I probably dance it out on a weekly basis. My real obsession is my current Dance it Out Playlist (judge if you must):

  • “Express Yourself” by Labrinth
  • “Not Looking” by Marcus Canty
  • “Are You Gonna be my Girl?” by Jet
  • “Got to Give it Up” by Marvin Gaye
  • “Who Says” by Selena Gomez and The Scene
  • “Neutron Dance” by the Pointer Sisters
  • “How You Like me Now?” by The Heavy
  • “Can We Chill?” by NeYo
  • “Paralyzer” by Finger Eleven
  • “It’s Gonna Be Me” by N’Sync
Photo: Billboard (www.billboard.com)

5. The 20/20 Experience by Justin Timberlake – Speaking of N’Sync, I am seriously LOVING JT’s latest album. I think I probably listen to it five or six times a week (overkill, I know). I’m especially feeling “Pusher Love Girl,” “That Girl,” and the breakdown at the end of “Strawberry Bubblegum.” If you haven’t copped this album, please do. Now. I’ll wait.


6. #SaladJam – If you follow YCS on Instagram you will see that I post pics of my salad with the hashtag #saladjam. To be brief, the Salad Jam Challenge, is a commitment to eat a salad every single day. It was started by my dear college friend Nicole and there are HUNDREDS of us out here Salad Jamming. So take the time to make sure your insides are as chic as your outsides and join the jam! (Website: www.beautybreakthrough.org I Instagram: @saladjam)

Photo: Essie (www.essie.com)

7. “Boom Boom Room” by Essie – No, this is not name of some naughty bar I frequent. It is the seriously fun, spring/summer color I’m rocking on my nails this week! It’s like a party on my fingertips!

Photo: Nneka Saran (http://nnekasaran.com)

8. Nneka Saran Bags – You’ve seen me post pics of the cute Nneka Saran handbags that live in my closet on Instagram and here on the blog. It’s no secret I love her bags! However, the newly introduced Cali Bag (pictured above) is the new love of my life. It’s everything I love right now – bright colors, sequins, and tribal patterns – all rolled up into one chic little package. Between this bag and my Boom Boom Room mani I’d have a “party in my [hands] and I ain’t afraid to show it!” And yes, I totally just sang that in my “I’m Sexy and I Know It” voice. (Website: http://nnekasaran.com I Instagram: @nnekasaran)

epic hotel
Photo: Kimpton Epic Hotel (www.epichotel.com)

9. Chic Hotels like the Kimpton Properties, Surfcomber and Epic, in Miami – My girls and I are planning a getaway to Miami and looking at various hotel properties. Can you blame me for drooling over these seriously luxe accommodations? I didn’t think you could.


10. Planning my 5th Annual Summer Soiree – For the past five years I have hosted a summer party, the Summer Soiree. Each year I invite friends over for food and drinks centered around a theme (“Latin Nights,” “Dives, Diners and Drive-Ins,” “La Dolce Vita,” etc.). In lieu of food and drinks I ask everyone to bring a donation to support that year’s cause. I’m starting to obsess a bit about what this year’s theme should be and where the donations should go. It’s the fifth year so it has to be good! I think I’ll take it back to the beginning this year and donate the proceeds to the Tripod Foundation Inc. which was also the very first beneficiary of the Summer Soiree!
(Website: www.tripodfoundation.org I Instagram/Twitter: @tripodinc)

3 thoughts on “A Chic Peek

  1. I stayed at the Epic a few years back…I love the Kimpton hotels…you will have fun!

    Also, love that you host summer soirees…I’m actually thinking of throwing a white party this summer…I have the perfect dress and everything 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Yes! I’m a huge fan of the kimpton properties!!

      And girl, I love throwing parties. And now, people ask about the soirée lol! It’s always fun! You should definitely throw a white party! How fun!!! Let me know if you want any tips 🙂

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