Men’s Style: What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

By Donte, Men’s Style VIP

A note from Erika: This is Part 1 of a two-part series about what to wear to summer weddings.  Donte will be helping out the fellas; and, on Friday, Erika will cover the ladies.  Enjoy!


The months from June to October are considered to be the peak of “wedding season”.  Accordingly, I know several people who are getting married over the next couple of months and I plan to attend a few weddings.  Weddings suggest lots of pictures, so I’m here to offer you some tips on what to wear to a summer wedding so that you are looking your most stylish for the paparazzi.

My interpretation of the rules for summer wedding wear is not that different from the other seasons.  You can still wear the standard suit or tux to the event, depending on what the dress code calls for, but the main difference will be in the fabric and color choices.  Summer is all about staying cool.  You should stay away from materials such as velvet and silk during this season so that you don’t stain the fabric with sweat, especially at an outdoor wedding.  You will likely feel like you’re in a sauna and no one has time to be stopping the wedding because you passed out from dehydration!

If the wedding calls for formal or black tie then you should still wear a tuxedo or dark suit.  For the summer, try switching things up by wearing a white or light grey tuxedo jacket instead of the standard black.

If the wedding calls for semi-formal, you have a little more flexibility during the summer months.  Semi-formal wear calls for a jacket and tie.  Lighter colors are acceptable and make more of a statement during the day, so try out light grey, khaki, or tan.  Darker hues work better for evening weddings, so opt for charcoal, chocolate, or navy if you want to deviate from the classic black attire.  You can also play with fabrics such as tweed, linen, and seersucker, which are acceptable during the summer months.  Your coat and pants do not have to match, so you have the ability to mix it up and try different looks (see the feature pic for this article).

Summer casual attire allows you the most flexibility and freedom to experiment with color, fabric, and style.  This may typically be the dress code for outdoor weddings or weddings very early in the day.  A jacket and tie is not necessary.  Feel free to rock those braces or suspenders, a vest, or even a jacket and shirt without the tie.  The bolder the colors you wear (think coral, light blue, or yellow), the more casual the outfit.

Are you attending any weddings this summer?  Feel free to post photos, share your style with the readers, and post a comment.

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