Opposites Attract

One of the easiest ways to look chic and cool, without trying to hard, is simply by pairing opposites together. Sounds crazy, right? But, in the world of fashion, opposites attract. And pairing together opposites in the right way can yield superior style results.

Lately, I’ve been encouraging my clients to mix their leisure attire and their work attire together. It sounds crazy until you see that wearing a cute pair of joggers can work with a sheer button down blouse. It’s sort of like french fries and ice cream — it doesn’t seem like it should work but for some reason, it just does. I’ve always been a fan of mixing casual with corporate and have been known to rock a sweatshirt with a pleated skirt to the office. But, I also know that if mixing fashion opposites isn’t your jam it can be REALLY intimidating.

Therefore, I’m going to take the guess work out of it for you and share some tried and true opposite pairings that will make you a style star. Check out some winning combos below and let me know what you think!

Skirts + Sneakers

Hospitality Faux Leather Pleated Midi Skirt – VICI
Pleated Skirt: VICI

We often think that if we are wearing a skirt we need to be in a more dressy shoe or, on more casual occasions, ballet flats or sandals. But one of the cutest pairings around is sneakers with a skirt. The great thing about this winning combination is that you can play with different skirt styles and lengths to find the perfect pairing with sneakers. And sneakers come in a variety of styles from casual slip-ons to colorful athletic trainers. A pleated skirt paired with a low-top is always a great combination. Pair this with a v-neck t-shirt and a jean jacket and your ready to go shopping, brunching, or wandering. You can also try a pencil skirt with sneakers and a cute cropped sweater in fall or winter. Comfy, cozy and incredibly chic.

Hard + Soft

When people hear “Hard and Soft” a lot of them immediately thinking of pairing leather and lace together. That’s certainly a classic way to pair hard and soft together. I’m going to encourage you, though, to push yourself even further. What about pairing a big, cozy, chunky sweater with a leather skirt or leggings? That is the ultimate in hard and soft. These opposites work really well together and can be paired with flat shoes, boots, or cute heels for a day or night out. One of my favorite ways to style this look is by adding a big, floppy hat and crossbody bag. Perfect for a chilly fall afternoon.

Neutral Jacquard wool and alpaca-blend sweater | GANNI | NET-A-PORTER
GANNI Jacquard wool and alpaca-blend sweater

Denim + Sequins

If you follow the YCS Instagram account than you are no stranger to this winning combination. I’m always a fan of adding sequins to a look for no other reason than I can. People usually reserve sequins for really glamorous events or weddings. But, in my opinion, living life is a glamorous event and should be treated as such. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the look of a sequin blazer, bomber or sweatshirt paired with skinny jeans and heels or cute d’orsay flats. It’s the perfect amount of glam brought down to earth by the denim. Throw on a pair of fabulous sunglasses and a top handle bag and you’re ready for brunch or browsing. You could also opt for a sequin skirt paired with a chambray top for a cute, fun look. Throw on sneakers (see what I did there) and a statement necklace and you’re good to go!

Which winning combination are you going to try first? I can’t wait to see what you come up with!