YCS Guide to Spring: Spring at-TIE-r

By Donte, Men’s Style V.I.P


My last post highlighted colorful spring socks as accessories that could enhance your spring wardrobe. This post highlights another accessory that can have a similar effect, a tie. Although they are both small accessories, they both can make a huge impact on your style.

Wearing a tie has often been synonymous with formal attire; however, they can be worn casually as well. A nice blazer, button-down shirt, and tie combination can be worn to a spring wedding, to the office, or to an after-hours night on the town. They are easy to change to give a pop of color to your upper body and can help to create a nice spring color scheme.

Whether it’s a standard tie, skinny tie, or bow tie, they come in all different colors and patterns. You can likely find any type of tie that you can think of to go with your desired outfit. Below are a few that I’ve pulled out for this spring. How do you rock your tie?




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