21 Squared: The Curvy Fashion App

By Erika, Fashion Expert

Ever seen a woman wearing something you loved and wished you could buy it right then and there? Ever wanted to purchase something you see without having to sort through all the merchandise in a store or search through pages of items online? Ever wanted to get an idea how something would look on your body before you took the plunge to purchase it? Ever been in a style rut and just been looking for some style inspiration as a curvy girl?

Let me introduce you to the app for you – 21 Squared: The Curvy Fashion App

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I have been using this app for a while and I have to tell you guys – I LOVE it! 21 Squared is an incredibly easy app that lets you find outfits, read real reviews on clothing, and shop with ease.  Honestly, it’s as simple as that!

There are three main components to the app: outfit inspiration and matchmaking, shopping, and reviews.

Outfit Inspo and Matchmaking

21 Squared users can explore fashion and outfits from other users in the community.  You can sort outfits based on factors like people who match your body type or items that are available for purchase right now.  That’s right, if you’re  5’6” and a size 20, you can pull up looks from users who have a similar body type as you.  The more data points you put in (measurements, weight, etc.) the more precise your results will get. How nice is it to see how that J.Crew top will look on you before you buy it!?


21 Squared allows its users to shop the outfits posted by users directly from the app.  That’s right, with the simple tap of a finger you can be linked directly to the jacket, top, jeans or shoes that you love! There are over 5 million products available through the app.  Additionally, there is a “SALE” tab that features the hottest items and latest sales from dozens of retailers.  Shopping from multiple retailers from one place has never been so easy. Some of 21 Squared’s retail partners include some of my favorite brands and stores like Lane Bryant, Eloquii, Nordstrom, and Mod Cloth – just to name a few!

21 Squared - Shop

The app also makes it incredibly easy for users to link followers to their clothing items as well.  If you have your tags you can scan the bar code directly into the app! You can also use a web browser and post a direct link for any items featured.  It’s insanely simple and very intuitive and user-friendly. Below, I’ll walk though through exactly how you can upload your looks. 


The reviews are one of my favorite features from this app.  How many times have you shopped without any clue if a dress runs true-to-size or if you need to size up or size down? Ever wanted to know if the material of your shirt is super cheap or super luxe? The review on the 21 Squared App allows users to share exactly that type of information.  Does an item run large or small? Have a ton of stretch or none at all? Users can share these tips with shoppers so that you know what you’re getting into before you buy it!

21 Squared - Reviews


Using the 21 Squared app is incredibly easy too. If you can use Instagram then you can use the 21 Squared app. I’ve taken a few screenshots just to show you how simple the process really is.

21 Squared - Step 1

21 Squared - Step 2

21 Squared - Step 3A

21 Squared - Step 3B

21 Squared - Step 4

21 Squared - Final

21 Squared is available for both Apple and Android products.  All you have to do is visit your respective App store and download the app for free! 

Be sure to follow me on the app at @erikamcdaniel (yep, that’s my maiden name) and let me know in the comments or via social media that you’re on the app.

I can’t WAIT to hear your thoughts!

Stay Chic,